Is Your Car Halloween Ready ? Posted on 2 Oct 13:51

Is Your Car Halloween Ready ?
It's Halloween month, and whilst your trying to figure out what your outfit is going to be this year, how about getting your car Halloween ready too !
We have the perfect Halloween car accessories.
such as these
Spooky Halloween Skull and Crossbones cotton seat belt pads
 Black and White Skull and crossbones cotton seat belt pads - Poppys Crafts
and matching Skull and Crossbones Steering wheel cover
 Skull and Crossbones cotton steering wheel cover - Poppys Crafts
or how about this adorable Pumpkin Themed fluffy steering wheel cover
 Pumpkin Orange fuzzy steering wheel cover with green bow - Poppys Crafts
And our fluffy monster steering wheel cover's are absolutely perfect for getting your car into the Halloween spirit !
 Royal Blue Monster fuzzy steering wheel cover - Poppys Crafts Purple fuzzy monster steering wheel cover - Poppys Crafts
 Red Fuzzy Monster Steering wheel cover - Poppys Crafts
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Happy Halloween !

FREE Shipping Worldwide at Poppys Crafts Car Accessories Posted on 7 Jun 16:01

Free Worldwide Shipping

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